The return of the prodigal son

Cesc Fabregas, a name that will forever be in the hearts of all Arsenal fans. The diminutive Spaniard who went from youth prodigy to captain in just a matter of seasons, and who led the team with purpose and aggression, the type that had been lacking since a certain Patrick Viera. The golden boy, who could strike a ball onto a five pence piece from forty yards away, and carried the burden after the departure of the invincibles. There is no doubt about it, he will always be remembered as a legend, the boy wonder that symbolised everything that is great about the latest Arsene Wenger era; ‘we don’t buy superstars, we make them’.  Now, with his stock falling in Barcelona and the fact that we have first refusal, the pursuit of our former captain is well and truly on, but there is just one question; do we actually need him.

With great composure and a killer pass, positioned in centre midfield he dictates the pace of the game, orchestrating the midfield and attack around him. His assists charts are terrific, and ball control excellent, he even weighs in with a fair share of goals every season, scoring nine for Barcelona this season, but is this not what we already have? Yes.  Does this team need another fairly lightweight midfielder with average goal scoring stats? No. With the likes of Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky and Ozil in the team, we have this in abundance, maybe even too much of it. What this team is crying out for is a Viera, a Toure, someone who will simply dominate the midfield through sheer physicality, someone who, when things aren’t going your way, will take the game by the scruff of the neck and change it. In this sense, it is clear to see that Fabregas is not the answer.

Furthermore, the main priority for the team this summer is, without a doubt, the striker situation. Although Giroud has come in for some unfair criticism, the numbers don’t lie; two goals in twelve games against the top six sides is simply not good enough and an area that needs to be addressed. To add to this, as a team we only scored just over sixty league goals this season, compared to Manchester City’s 102. These statistics clearly illustrate how we need a Suarez or an Aguero, someone who can score out of nothing and not only gets twenty a season, but is disappointed  not the be the division’s top scorer. By adding someone if this quality, the team would improve no end, and this should be the number one target this summer.

Furthermore, Cesc Fabregas is the shining example of what can happen when you put faith in youth players. Signed from Barcelona at an early age, Wenger nurtured him through the years until he was the gem of the premiership. Now, at our disposal, we have talents such as Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey in the first team, who are potentially our midfield for the next decade, and highly rated youth prodigies such as Daniel Crowley and Gedian Zelalem also emerging on the scene. Not only is Fabregas not a priority, but it would  also go against the principles that Wenger created; splashing out big money on superstars when you have your own potential players already at the club. Fabregas would become the big name signing that Wenger had protected him from all those years ago.

To conclude, the needs of the team are obvious, and Cesc simply doesn’t fit them. He is a luxury signing when we need a priority, necessary signing, who will come in and give the whole team an extra edge and dimension, someone who will fix the obvious problems needed and help sustain a title challenge.  However, ask any gooner if they would take him back and you will always get the same answer; absolutely, unequivocal, one hundred percent YES! I guess that’s what legendary status will do for you, as the thought of him returning, the prodigal son, will ALWAYS outweigh what is needed.

Now Wenger, it’s over to you….


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