Aston Villa preview

After months of speculation, rumours, and ultimately disappointment in the transfer market, the new season is finally upon us. With it comes the optimism that every fan feels before the big kick off, the optimism that, for Arsenal fans, is usually shattered by approximately 5 o’clock that same evening.

Aston Villa are the visitors and despite our frustration in bringing players in, it really is a game we should be winning. Despite summer additions, Villa are still very much a young team and rely heavily on the goals of Benteke, so the as usual, the partnership of Mertersacker and Koscielny will be vital. 

Due to injuries, I think the team basically picks itself. This is how I think we will line up:


Sagna Mertersacker Koscielny Gibbs

Ramsey Wilshere

Walcott Rosicky Cazorla


Despite both goalkeepers playing in pre-season, I fully expect the young pole to start ahead of the old pole, and due to Sagna’s recent form, I think he will get the nod ahead of Jenkinson. The duo of Ramsey and Wilshere worked well against Manchester City on Saturday and as a result of his form at the end of last season, I can see Rosicky getting himself a start.

I also feel that the game will be a huge opportunity for Olivier Giroud. As the club’s only recognised centre forward, he has the chance to prove that he really can reach the next level and lead us throughout this season. As much as I feel we do need a new striker, the game will be an indication of how much he wants that number one spot and how much he has developed with a year now under his belt.

All in all, this is a game we must win. Due to our transfer troubles, the uproar in the stadium if we don’t get the three points will be colossal. Other teams have strengthened and if we are going to get a top four place, let alone the title, a win against a relegation threatened and to get off to a good start is absolutely imperative, but it’s a win that I am confident we will get. 

                                                                                                             Despite no new signings, the team itself hasn’t got worse. We have the basis for a fantastic team and despite what the press are making out; we do still have the options of Chamberlain and Podolski on the bench to make a difference. We haven’t lost any players that had any impact on our first team, bar Gervinho, and thanks to results from pre-season, we come into the season in good form

My prediction:


This SHOULD be a fairly routine game. They don’t have any real wildcards apart from Benteke, and I can see the like of Walcott and Podolski exploiting the inexperience in their defence. Cazorla and Giroud to score,





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